Learn about our purchasing department!

We operate globally. Our high quality standards are applied right from the start by carefully selecting ideal raw materials and intermediate goods. To supply our customers with high-grade products, we are constantly looking for efficient vendors. These should be reliable, flexible and competitive in terms of price and quality. The relationships with our vendors are based on a long-running, reliable and trustful cooperation.

Trade area at Sprenger

We are constantly on the lookout for innovations!

We are also constantly looking for innovative, high-grade products that we can exclusively market in Europe or globally. If you have interesting products to offer that would enhance our product range, please contact our personnel.



  • Marine / boat fittings
  • equestrian equipment
  • dog supplies


Purchasing bandwidth

slit strips
DC 01, DC 03, DD 11, CuNi alloys, stainless steel

laser parts
stainless steel

C9D, CuNi, CuSn, CuZn alloys, stainless steel

Corrugated board, solid board

bent wire parts
stainless steel

industrial chemicals
acids, alkalis

stainless steel

stainless steel

turned parts
Brass, stainless steel, plastic



Our employees successfully take care of the purchasing range. In them you will find competent contact persons who will of course try to answer all your questions.

If you have any questions in advance, simply call us at the following number or contact us by e-mail:

+49 (0) 23 71 - 9 559 - 0